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Your website is your foundation of your online presence. It will be the main go to for people in your community, and will provide your customers with all the information they need to know about you, what you offer, and how you can solve their problem.

No matter how much or little you do on your site, you must have at least a home page that clearly outlines who you are, in a clear and informative way. Ideally your site will at least have a few pages, your home page, service/products page, an about page, and contact page. You should also seriously consider running a blog as well.

Moreover, because most surfing is now done via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, your website must be responsive, in other words, display your website appropriately for mobile use. Having a desktop version of a site on a mobile device is a sure fire way of turning people off, and they will immediately go back to the previous screen to search an alternative. In other words, your competitor.

All RAST’s web design projects include by default a mobile version of the website.

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